Our Story

Brooks has a story to tell.

Brooks wanted to create a cider unlike any other, pulling from influences and tastes he’d discovered throughout England, the Midwest, and California.

Brooks first discovered cider while living in England and drinking a rough, dry style made in the West Country called ‘Scrumpy.’ The name was weird. The cider was good. And now, knocking back a glass of cider — even the funky stuff — makes Brooks feel nostalgic about his time across the pond.

His recreational drinking preference soon turned into something more concrete and commercial, after helping mill and press apples at a barn-turned-cidery in Northern Michigan. Brooks landed in the San Francisco Bay Area and set out to make a drink true to his time in the UK and the USA. He aimed to dial down the sweetness, use fresh juice, and make everything in California. The result is a cider that’s crisp and light with a mighty good bite.

The Brooks Dry Cider packaging features Brooks the bear doing various recreational activities. To be clear: A bear on a motorcycle is just plain cool, but Brooks the bear also speaks to the importance of BDC’s California heritage.

It’s an exciting time to be a cider fan in America. Whether you’re already one of them, or beginning to learn, try Brooks Dry. It’s a perfectly balanced beverage — not too sweet, sour, or funky.